National Park Service

National Park Service

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Virtual Events
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The Project

The National Park Service (NPS), a government entity tasked with the stewardship of America's natural and historical treasures, came to ONE & MAIN looking to innovate its engagement methods amid evolving digital landscapes. Facing the challenge of transitioning traditional in-person events to a virtual format, NPS required a qualified partner to ensure seamless execution and elevated audience experiences for a series of crucial events.

The Solution: Virtual Events

  • Platform Selection and Setup: Leveraging the comprehensive capabilities of Zoom, we catered to NPS's need for a robust and user-friendly virtual event platform, ensuring scalability and interactive features that enhanced participant engagement.
  • Presenter Empowerment: Recognizing the pivotal role of presenters in the success of virtual events, we conducted detailed training sessions, equipping them with the tools and confidence needed for impactful delivery.
  • Technical Support and Content Management: Throughout each event's lifecycle, from the initial tech run-through to the final session, our dedicated team provided end-to-end technical support, mitigating any potential disruptions. Post-event, we meticulously segmented session recordings into digestible videos, facilitating easy access and broader dissemination of valuable insights.

The Impact

By melding strategic foresight with technical prowess, we transformed NPS's series of virtual events into dynamic and inclusive platforms for learning, discussion, and celebration of heritage. The successful execution not only extended the reach of NPS's initiatives but also underscored the potential of digital platforms in fostering engagement and community within the public sector.