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Recognizing the need to both protect their website and improve their digital footprint, NAPC engaged in a strategic partnership with One & Main (O&M). Their primary focus was to ensure the security of their website with ongoing maintenance and support. However, our initial analysis suggested that it was the right time for NAPC to also modernize their footprint using a full digital transformation model, aligning their communication methods with the latest standards and trends. This progressive step signified a critical juncture in NAPC's journey, aimed not just to maintain but to enhance their online presence, fostering greater member engagement through smooth and secure interactions.

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To address these challenges, O&M offered a comprehensive and transformative array of services.

  • Cybersecurity: O&M enhanced the security of NAPC's main website by adding SSL protection and IP-based blocking barriers and firewalls to prevent malicious hacking and spam threats.
  • Website Design and Development: The original website was streamlined from approximately 40 pages to 20, focusing on essential needs. Webflow was utilized to design and develop a new, dynamic website that not only showcased NAPC's brand better but also increased load speed and improved usability.
  • Cloud Migration: O&M recommended a migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for more reliable service and added protection.
  • Webinar and Virtual Event Set-Up & Support: To sustain their operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, O&M assisted NAPC in transitioning to a more sustainable business model, which included taking their FORUM and monthly camps virtual.
  • Photography and Videography Services: In order to amplify NAPC's mission, O&M's creative team delivered visually captivating content that showcased their services, initiatives, and member privileges. Our strategy aimed to enhance member communications through a unique approach to visual storytelling, fostering stronger connections and delivering information in an captivating and easily understandable perspective.
  • Payment Platform and CRM Integration: O&M integrated Stripe for payment processing and subscription management and modernized functional use of their existing CRM (Neon).
  • Process Automation: O&M automated several processes, increasing efficiency and ensuring real-time updates of information online. Now, NAPC members can access specific benefits within their member portal, pay and interact with other members without administrative assistance.

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The digital reform has resulted in a significantly enhanced, more efficient, and user-centric website, complete with responsive design and dynamic content. By incorporating CRM into the website and introducing customized email signup forms, we've witnessed a notable uplift in lead conversions. The member portal also underwent significant upgrades, introducing facilities for dues payment and exclusive access to member-only resources. Transitioning to Google Workspace has simplified collaboration, eliminated many redundancies in workflows, and secured access to crucial documents. Consequently, NAPC has successfully transitioned from their outdated on-premise server, migrating all their data to the more efficient Google Cloud.

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