Jewelry Appraisers of North Carolina

Jewelry Appraisers of North Carolina

Services Provided:
Website Design
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The Project

Jewelry Appraisers of North Carolina, led by the esteemed Gemologist Terry Kahn, G.G., GIA, approached us with interest in overhauling their digital presence. Their current website was outdated and it was difficult for users to navigate. They needed a platform that not only highlighted their unique value proposition—comprehensive jewelry appraisal and redesign services provided with utmost discretion and security—but also integrated e-commerce capabilities for their exquisite pieces.

The Solution: Advertising & SEO

Our team embarked on a multi-faceted strategy aimed at transforming their online visibility and search presence. Here's how we did it:

  • Website Revamp: We designed a modern, elegant website with user experience at its core. Clear navigation and intuitive e-commerce functionality now allow customers to effortlessly explore and purchase unique jewelry pieces.
  • SEO: We implemented a robust SEO strategy to enhance their visibility on search engines, targeting keywords associated with jewelry appraisals, custom designs, and online jewelry sales. This ensured that Jewelry Appraisers of North Carolina appeared at the forefront of relevant searches.
  • Social Media & Google Advertising: We leveraged the power of social media and Google ads to drive targeted traffic to the new site. By creating compelling ad copy and visuals that resonate with their audience, we ensured high engagement and conversion rates.

The Impact

The results speak for themselves. Post-launch, Jewelry Appraisers of North Carolina experienced a significant uptick in website traffic, with an increase in lead conversions. The enhanced digital presence has not only broadened their customer base but also garnered more attention in the jewelry appraisal and design space.