East Coast Surfing Championships

East Coast Surfing Championships

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Website Design
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The Project

The East Coast Surfing Championships (ECSC), hosted and led by volunteers of the Virginia Beach Jaycees, approached us due to their increasingly apparent limitations posed by a less than stellar online presence. Their primary goal was to rejuvenate ECSC's digital footprint, enhancing its capability to efficiently manage and engage with volunteers, participants, attendees, and various stakeholders nationwide.

The Solution: Website Design and Development

After conducting a thorough needs analysis, the decision was taken to focus on the development of a responsive and modern website using the content management system, Webflow. This strategic choice was underpinned by the objective to radically enhance user experience through faster load times and streamlined navigation. By constructing a dynamic and accessible online platform, we looked to amplify ECSC's visibility and accessibility, ensuring that the diverse range of events could reach a wider audience. In so doing, it would also provide positioning for future target marketing in print, social media advertising, and Google Ads, if they later wanted to take their reach a step even further later. The new website was also specifically designed to allow for easy updates of event schedules and information, catering to the dynamic needs of the ECSC. In support of our website development, we utilized Google Workspace for email, cloud storage, and enhanced communication and collaboration, marking a shift toward efficient cloud-based operations.

The Impact

The deployment of the new website marked a significant transformation in ECSC's online presence, shifting from an outdated to a state-of-the-art platform that encapsulates the vibrancy and excitement of the event itself. This digital rejuvenation made the ECSC’s assortment of offerings—including surfing competitions, concerts, and vendor shops—more engaging and accessible to an expanded audience. The website's quick load times and ease of navigation not only improved user experience but also streamlined the administration of the event. The result was a heightened level of engagement and coordination among participants, attendees, and stakeholders, further solidifying the ECSC as a premier beachfront festival. This project underscored the pivotal role of digital solutions in enhancing the legacy and operational efficiency of esteemed community events like the ECSC.