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The Project  

Dolsey Designs, an esteemed company renowned for manufacturing a wide variety of board styles, constructions, and shapes, proactively looked to step up their digital security to continue to maintain service excellence with their customers and integrity of their operations. Dolsey Designs is recognized as a leader in the surfboard industry through its quality of board, design and manufacturing. This commitment to innovation ensures that customers experience enhanced performance, enabling them to catch more waves with high-performing boards.

The Solution: Cybersecurity  

In a strategic move to fortify their cybersecurity posture, Dolsey Designs, in collaboration with O&M, embarked on a comprehensive security enhancement initiative. Recognizing the importance of proactive security measures, the team conducted thorough scans to detect and neutralize any potential vulnerabilities, including malware and viruses, and implemented AVG antivirus software on all company devices. This proactive approach established a unified protection framework under a main company account, with continuous monitoring to swiftly identify and isolate potential threats. A key element of this strategy included personalizing employee credentials, which enhanced accountability and dramatically improved security management, virtually eliminating the risk of potential security issues.

The Impact  

The cybersecurity initiatives undertaken have transformed the operational landscape of Dolsey Designs. The company now enjoys a strengthened digital framework, characterized by rapid detection and resolution of any potential security challenges, for seamless productivity and the protection of their valuable intellectual property. This transformation has not only reinforced Dolsey Designs' confidence in their cybersecurity measures but has also affirmed their status as an industry frontrunner committed to upholding the highest digital security standards. The adoption of personalized employee credentials has played a pivotal role in enhancing internal security measures, promoting a culture centered around responsibility and heightened security consciousness.