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MIG GOV Harnesses the Power of Website Design, Development, and CRM Implementation
Case Study
Process Automation

Who is MIG GOV?

Established in 2013, MIG GOV began as a small-scale construction company catering to local federal partners. Over the years, the company has established itself as one of the most reliable small businesses in Hampton Roads. By leveraging its robust vendor relationships and socio-economic set-asides, MIG GOV diversified to include tactical services securing 3PL, tactical gear, and storage solution contracts for federal, state, and local requirements. It now offers a broad array of capabilities, ranging from tactical gear, medical supplies, weapons and optics, to general contracting, construction project management, design builds, renovation services, and more.

The Challenge

The main challenge MIG GOV faced was establishing a new tactical arm of the business. It demanded a strong online presence, a robust website, and an effective system to track contacts, companies, and deals as they navigate the contracting and procurement process for government contracts.

The Solution: Web Development & CRM Implementation

Our solution included Website Design and Development to establish an engaging online presence. We also implemented Hubspot CRM track of contacts, companies, and deals during the contracting and procurement process. We integrated Quickbooks for faster quote generation, bookkeeping, and easy invoicing.

The Impact

The implementation of these digital tools resulted in a clean, user-friendly website and a unified brand. It enabled comprehensive tracking of clients, contacts, and deals, and provided real-time reporting and dashboards. Bookkeeping, quoting, and revenue were seamlessly integrated via Quickbooks.

Tools and Platforms Used

We utilized several platforms to achieve the desired results. Webflow was used for website design and development. Hubspot CRM and Hubspot Quotes were employed for customer relationship management and contract quoting respectively. Quickbooks was integrated for bookkeeping and invoicing.

In conclusion, MIG GOV Tactical's success story is a testament to the power of effective digital solutions in modern business. With a brand new tactical arm, a robust online presence for their construction and tactical divisions, a streamlined CRM system, and integrated bookkeeping, MIG GOV is now poised for greater achievements. Looking forward, O&M wishes them great achievements as we continue to collaborate in their growth as they scale.

"Thank you to Sean and his team for helping us design and brand MIG GOV tactical and construction divisions. They were very responsive and accommodating with each and every step. Our CRM HubSpot implementation has been key to our early success as well."

- Steve L.